Get Crowned by TAKI with our Bespoke Service

World of Taki Gold believes in the power of Women’s stories being shared through artistic fashion that honors the value of Women’s inner strength and ability to overcome their personal wars. The jackets are transformed into crowns that represent your personal experience artistically woven into reclaimed uniforms that highlight the spirit of transformation with the world. 

Once you wear it - You become part of the movement


My Crown Story


little over a year ago, in a coffee shop while waiting for my oat vanilla latte, I had a chance encounter with Girl God designer, TAKI. This encounter created a paradigm shift so powerful that the course of my life would be forever changed. On the brink of failed relationship number three, I found myself so intrigued by his story and passion for honoring the Women who shaped him as a child in the Liberian Civil War. It ignited a power deep within my soul. Right away I asked TAKI to commission a crown for me. A crown that told my victory story as he called it. A story of survival from rape, domestic violence, and stage 4 cancer. All of these victory stories are a part of me and my crown. When I wear it I feel fierce, courageous and inspired to give strength to others by sharing my story. Wearing this crown allows me to embrace my past and look forward to the future.  I am no longer a victim of my personal wars.  


Lisa was the name that was given to me as a girl. Love I’ll See Again is my name as a Girl God.


TAKI is available by appointment only to create

your custom crown.

Share your story with the world and join our movement!

Bespoke starting at $3000


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