The vision

Our Vision is to rebuild a community by empowering Women to revive the land that was damaged by war.


of proceeds goes to the development of an agro-tech crop farm led by Women. The Farm will produce staple Liberian vegetation on 5 acres, (25) lots in Buchanan, Bassa County, Liberia while implementing environmental sustainability through technology.

seed.'s unique country insight means it can unearth catalytic technologies and processes - with high social return on investment - that leapfrog Liberian agriculture. Through an agile, responsive, research and insight driven model, seed. will build capacities and facilitate innovation spread. 

Latest news

So much has happened since World of Taki Gold set out to create the seed. foundation. Here are some highlights:

  • We have the deed to our 5 acres in Buchanan

  • The project is being led by two Liberian women

  • Our team met with the Liberian Minister of Agriculture among others to better understand their needs

  • We facilitated a face to face survey with local women in the agrotech value chain to identify gaps and further advance women agropreneurship

  Did you know:

  • The average living standard is at $1,320 per year*

  • 28% of the land area is agricultural

  • Agriculture accounts for 43% of employment and is the primary livelihood of 60% of Liberians

  • Women provide 80% of agricultural labor and grow most of the food

  • Women economic opportunities are limited due to gender inequities

  • Agriculture has low productivity with inefficient information systems, substandard nutrient and pest management, and limited use of technology and modern agricultural methods

  Thus in Liberia:

  • 60% of food consumed is imported 

  • COVID-19 has magnified challenges

  • Food insecurity is on the rise