Diasmer Panna Bloe is our Insight and Sustainability Consultant. She directs the ideation, research and validation stages for seed., our start-up agri-food social venture in Liberia. 


A policy and systems specialist, Diasmer has extensive experience in organisational design, governance, policy, research and civic participation. She was a Scott Family Liberia Fellow and held positions such as Finance Director, Assistant Minister and Policy Advisor in various Government of Liberia institutions. She has expert knowledge of Liberian policy and historical and post-conflict contexts, branching multiple sectors. She currently delivers strategy and insight consulting for Africa Web Services, Senegal. 


Diasmer has an MS in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie MelIon University and a BA in Mathematics from Dartmouth College. She is completing her DPhil at Balliol College, University of Oxford in the field of Population Health, specialising in psychometrics. A former marathoner; student of animation, film making and printmaking; and organiser of Scotch and wine tastings, Diasmer now resides in Oxford UK, enjoys writing haikus and dancing and making music with her daughters.



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Ms. Jenneh Scott is our Philanthropy Advisor. She advises on the program design and philanthropic strategy for seed, our social venture in Liberia. Jenneh is passionate about helping to improve the lives of others and developing programs that enrich our communities. She began her development career in Atlanta with the Americorps program. Since then, she managed the fundraising for several local and international non-profit organizations in Washington D.C. and West Africa. She has also worked in Liberia with Nobel Laureate, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf where she developed and directed the Liberia Philanthropy Secretariat. During that time, she successfully secured millions of dollars in philanthropic support from foundations, renowned philanthropists, and fortune 500 corporations while simultaneously coordinating the work of various agencies and high-level committees towards the advancement of critical goals. She currently works at the Center for Disease Control Foundation where she leads public-private partnership initiatives with philanthropic advocates to address global health security.


Jenneh has a B.A. in political science from Georgia State University and Masters Certificate in project management from Georgetown University. Jenneh resides in Atlanta where she enjoys organizing movie nights and themed parties for her friends and family.



Kim Reierson is a California native who was raised in Bolivia.  After graduating from UC Santa Barbara with a BA in Fine Arts, she worked as a photojournalist for newspapers in California winning several awards for her photojournalist work. In 2000 she moved to New York City. She is best known for her photography book (published in 2007), Eighteen: A Look At The Culture That Moves Us, which is a visual documentation and an homage to America’s eighteen wheeler truck drivers. It was featured in ABC News, CNN, and National Geographic. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and her clients include Art and Auction, Bloomingdale's, Forbes FYI, National Geographic, Ralph Lauren, Smithsonian Institute, and Vogue Mexico. She is represented by the Robin Rice Gallery in New York.



Lisa is the Chief Operating Officer of World of Taki Gold. A long time advocate and survivor of domestic violence, Lisa dabbled in public speaking on the importance of breaking the cycle. When Lisa was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at 32, her personal wars became a source of strength and inspiration for others. 


Connecting the world has been Lisa's passion and now she is now looking to dedicate her calling to a higher purpose - what this brand represents.




John is from the UK working with entrepreneurs around the world to create unique personalised brands from the heart. His technique on brand development and storytelling has a proven track record in attracting the best possible clients. John gained a National Diploma in Art and Design at Somerset College of Art & Design and BA hons degree at the University of West London and went on to work with some of the biggest Television and  brands agencies in the world including Sky, BBC, Ogilvy, Facebook, IMG Studios and The Premier League to name a few. Now running his own business, John aims to make a difference in the world by working with like minded entrepreneurs. On a chance request, Lisa, Chief Executive, connected with John creating the World of Taki Gold brand and website. From this point forward, the creative understanding between TAKI, John and Lisa was a marriage made in heaven creating what you see on this site. 


“The older and more educated I have got the more I felt passionate to make a stand for equality across race, gender and species. I am particularly passionate about animal welfare, giving them a voice and taking better care of our world. So being part of what TAKI is doing for Women is something I strongly support.”




TAKI'S gifts as a self-taught artist (fashion designer, musician, songwriter, actor) are now realized through his fashion line, Girl God.  While held captive during the Liberian Civil War in Africa, he envisioned splendor arising out of the atrocities he was forced to witness. 


Leaving his home at a young age with nothing but raw talent, resilience, and inner brilliance, Taki continues to pour all of his energy into transforming wars - of any kind - into healing, celebration, and beauty.

"At age six I was a child soldier in the Liberian Civil War. The girl who held my hand became my God. She kept my eyes open to the gifts of choice I had regardless of how difficult the experience was, that sparked a healing in me to create Girl God as a wearable crown, celebrating the beauty of Girls breaking through their wars."