TAKI came to the US from AFRICA by way of the Ivory Coast at the age of 10. After being reunited with his parents and siblings in Rhode Island, TAKI turned to art as his therapy to heal from the experiences he witnessed during the Liberian Civil War between 1989 and 1994.


His memories of being nurtured and protected by women and familial friends in his village, as told through his eyes, are quite unexpected and refreshing.


As you might imagine, any child who has lived through or witnessed atrocities in a Civil War would be forever impacted. TAKI has chosen to narrate his story as a creator of art with the intention of bringing global attention to the value of women. His creativity portrays his personal war as something beautiful.


When talking about his art, TAKI says, “My inspiration is the celebration of what we could become if we never forget how magical we are.”


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