Growing up during one of the most violent periods of his country, the Liberian Civil War, TAKI  looked to his sister to teach him to see things in a positive light, finding beauty in his surroundings of the constant sound of artillery and missiles lighting up the sky. After being reunited with his parents and siblings in the U.S., TAKI turned to art as an inspiration from the experiences he witnessed during the war between 1989 and 1994. He took those lessons and became the paint for his canvas, the designs for his fashion and the theme for his music. 


When talking about his art, TAKI says, “My inspiration is the celebration of what we could become if we never forget how magical we are.”


TAKI has chosen to narrate his story as a creator of art, fashion and music with the intention of bringing global attention to the value of Women and human life. His creativity portrays his personal war as something Beautiful.

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